Paragliding In Kamshet near Lonavala Mumbai and Pune

The paragliding season in Pune runs from mid-October to the last week of May


Kamshet Paragliding Adventure

Paragliding Adventures in Kamshet 

 We are a group of experienced pilots certified in paragliding by the prestigious UK Royal Society of Paragliding Society. We usually use only basic paragliding equipment that meets Indian quality and safety requirements for people. We generally follow best practices to ensure the safety of our customers. and give up your best flying skills. We also offer the ability to take selfies and shoot videos so you can confidently record the most amazing experience. Paragliding is a popular pastime in the beautiful mountain town of Kamshet. Some of the most beautiful scenery is in the majestic Kamshet range of the Sahyadri Mountains. It is also known as one of the best places for gliding  in India due to its easy take-off and landing. But the desire to soar in the air like a bird still burns within us. Kamshet Paragliding in Mumbai is a great way to fulfill your dream of flying for those who like to take risks and  experience adrenaline. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible information  while keeping them safe. The best treatment is provided immediately for a modest Rs. 3000. Review of Kamshet Paragliding Adventures 

 Since Kamshet Paragliding Adventure is located in the Sahyadri Mountains, most of the climbs require trekking. The country is perfect for paragliding, as Bharat is a land of naturally high hills and two great mountain ranges, the Western Ghats and the Himalayas. Kamshet and nearby places are ideal water slides for those living or traveling in Western Bharat region. Kamshet Paragliding Adventure is located 102 km from the city center, 48 km from Pune and 18 km from Lonavala. Kamshet Paragliding Adventure is the best place for paragliding 

 India is known for its plains, mountains, valleys, Himalayas and Western Ghats, all  suitable for paragliding. That is why Kamshet near Mumbai and Pune is one of the best places in India for tandem paragliding. The distances between Kamshet and Bombay, Pune and Lonavla are 105 km, 45 km and 18 km respectively. Due to the high mountain range and the fact that paragliding in Kamshet is located near Mumbai and Pune, you often have to walk a short distance to reach many of the launch sites. The region has a warm, semi-arid environment with an average temperature of 20-26 degrees Celsius. Paragliding adventure heights in Kamshet 

 There are four locations available for your Kamshet paragliding adventure. The launch point of Tower Hill is 900 meters above sea level or 230 meters above the ground. In addition, the mountain Shelar rises about 720 meters above sea level. Is this the only factor that makes Kamshet a good place for paragliding? Located near Mumbai and Pune in India, Kamshet is now the best place for paragliding in Kamshet. Although paragliding is meant to be confined, we can fly higher in the sky when we take off from Kamshet near Mumbai and Pune. Otherwise, when we take off from somewhere else, we usually don’t get back on the ground until after the flight, and that’s often only possible because of the  wind conditions here. 

 We experienced mountains, valleys, rivers, streams, forts, big oak trees, greenery and dense vegetation while paragliding in Kamshet near Mumbai and Pune. And indeed, paragliding in Kamshet near Mumbai and Pune allows you to experience the awe-inspiring feeling of flying in the air while watching the sunset. Best time for Kamshet Paraglidings Adventures 

 The paragliding season in Pune runs from mid-October to the last week of May, as the monsoon season runs from June to October. November and December are “pink cold”. From October to January, the air moves from east to west. Flying is only possible in the early morning, because the wind conditions necessary for paragliding are only  between 7.30  and 13.30 in winter. Due to stable thermodynamic conditions in December-January, flying is possible. There are times during these months when flights are delayed. From February to May, the wind blows from west to east, bringing cold sea air and sometimes strong winds. Since the flying wind does not blow until after 0:03, summer flying occurs from about 0:04 until sunset. The thrill of flying is another part of this time. How much does Kamshet Paragliding Adventures cost? Paragliding in Kamshet costs only Rs. 3000 per person. There are three  types of joy rides: 

 Happy Joyride 

 Educational joy ride 


 Each ride has completely different specifications and value. Pune paragliding kamshet is thirstily waiting to guide you in this art of paragliding. Tandem paragliding in Kamshet is the easiest trip of your life. Based on your habits, you can take with you a memorable moment that will remain in your life.