Paragliding In Kamshet near Lonavala Mumbai and Pune

Kamshet Paragliding Overview

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**The Best of Kamshet Paragliding**

Start this thrilling paragliding adventure amidst the stunning Sahyadri hills. Take in the aerial view of the lovely town of Kamshet, which is tucked away in the Western Ghats. Your safety will be ensured by experienced pilots and aviation enthusiasts who will assist you. Keep the special moments close to your heart with your flight recorder and certificate.

We are a team of dedicated paraglider pilots who have earned our certification from the distinguished Royal Society of Paragliding UK. The equipment we provide complies with the rigorous quality and safety standards established by the Indian government. Our primary focus is on the safety and well-being of our clients, which is why we strictly adhere to all industry-leading protocols. For those who are interested, we also offer the option to document their experience through selfies and videos. Kamshet, a picturesque mountain town, provides breathtaking views of the stunning Sahyadri Mountains. Kamshet is known as one of the finest paragliding locations in India due to its convenient take-off and landing areas. For individuals seeking a thrilling bird-like experience, Kamshet paragliding in Mumbai is a superb opportunity. We are committed to providing the most enjoyable and safe experience possible for our clients, and our services are available at an affordable price of only Rs. 3000.

**Overview of Paragliding in Kamshet**

Meeting Place: Rangoli Hotel, Kamshet in Winter. Location of Activity: Summertime: Pavna Lake, Kamshet. Activity Times: Tower Hill (Winter) Pavna Lake (Summer). Winter hours are from October to February, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. In the summer, from March to May, the activity is open from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Flight time: 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the weather and airflow).

Kamshet Paragliding Adventure, situated in the Sahyadri Mountains, necessitates a certain degree of hiking to reach the majority of take-off locations. The area’s natural topography is recognized for its lofty hills and two expansive mountain ranges, namely the Western Ghats and Himalayas, rendering it a perfect paragliding destination for enthusiasts. Kamshet and its neighboring regions are especially well-suited for this activity, making it a compelling choice for both residents and tourists who are exploring western Bharat. Our establishment is located 102 kilometers away from the city center, 48 kilometers away from Pune, and 18 kilometers away from Lonavala.

**Concerning Kamshet Paragliding**

Kamshet is a charming hill town nestled in the Western Ghats’ naturally tall hills, only a 2.5-hour journey from Mumbai. The area is well-known for a wide range of adventurous pursuits and is also referred to as Maharashtra’s Paragliding Paradise. With a group of qualified pilots and flying enthusiasts, reserve this paragliding activity in Kamshet and soar through the air while observing the mountains and plateaus. With this heart-pounding excursion, see the Sahyadri Ranges from above and experience the fresh air.

**Additional Information on Kamshet Paragliding**

Know Before You Go Paragliding in Kamshet. Children between the ages of 6 and 18 are permitted, but they must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians at all times. The activity is subject to wind flow, and any modification to the schedule will be announced on-site. Inform the operator at the location about any senior people with medical issues. Any person deemed unsuitable to participate in the activity may be rejected by the instructor at their sole discretion. Carrying any type of sharp object, lighter, luggage bag, drink, knife, etc., is not allowed. The instructions provided by the instructor before and after the activity must be followed by the participants.

**FAQs on Kamshet Paragliding**

Before participating in the sport, it is important to have a sufficient understanding of it. You should be proficient in the abilities required for the activity. It is best to partake in paragliding in favorable weather when the wind is normal. The weight restriction for Kamshet Paragliding is a maximum of 95 KG. All participants must check-in at Hotel Rangoli, Kamshet, on the former NH4 connecting Pune and Mumbai.