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Flying in an airplane is fun, but isn’t it even more adventurous to be able to have your own wings and fly over mountains, forests and lakes? If your answer is yes, then paragliding is the perfect adventure sport for you.

Paragliding offers a chance to fly in the air with the help of mechanical support, an experienced paragliding instructor and ample safety measures. Join us to experience the joyous moment of taking flight and getting a bird’s eye view of the lushgreen surroundings.

Paragliding in Kamshet

Our Packages

Tandem Paragliding INR3000/-

Tandem Paragliding

This package is for adventure seekers who want to experience the thrill of being airborne. Tandem paragliding is best suited to beginners with no knowledge of paragliding.

Learn to Fly In Kamshet

Learn to Fly

This package is suitable for those who know the basics of paragliding and would like to learn a few more techniques. Those who wish to book this package have to enquire about availability of instructors in advance.



Paragliding in Kamshet


How far are the take off site and landing site of paragliding?

The take off and landing site of paragliding can be covered by foot within a span of few minutes. People may need to climb uphill while returning to the paragliding base.

Can flyers go for a solo paragliding ride?

No, solo flying is not offered at the paragliding site. Trained instructors accompany the flyer even if the flyer knows the basic techniques of paragliding.

What are the different styles in which paragliding can be done?

People who chose tandem paragliding can choose between soaring, thermal flying, regular paragliding or acrobatic paragliding. However, flyers should contact paragliding instructors in advance to enquire about the type of paragliding style that will be offered to them.

Which season is the best for paragliding?

Winter and summer both are ideal for paragliding. However, whether paragliding can be done or not depends on other conditions as well like wind intensity, time of the day etc. Monsoon is not the best choice of season for paragliding as the activity may not be available due to rains.

Are paragliding courses conducted at the paragliding site?

No, paragliding courses or training is not available at the site.

Why is paragliding ride expensive?

Paragliding rides may seem expensive as the cost of the ride covers the cost of the equipment and safety gear used during paragliding. All the equipment is of high quality to ensure complete safety of the flyer.

Can paragliding be done during monsoon?

It is not ideal to do paragliding during monsoon. Moderate to heavy rains, cloudy sky, thundering, lightening and wind are not favorable conditions to perform paragliding.

Who cannot perform paragliding?

Children below 5 years of age, elderly people, people with known history of heart conditions, brain disorders, orthopedic disorders, people who have recently undergone surgery, pregnant women are strictly prohibited from participating in paragliding.

How to Enroll for a paragliding course?

Please Contact us on:+91 86685 11928

Why Paragliding in Kamshet?

Kamshet is most of the pinnacle locations for Paragliding in India. It’s also the main hub for Paragliding training in India. The hills are secure for flying with smooth launches and massive touchdown spaces. Flying in Kamshet is very picturesque with the stunning splendor of the Sahyadri degrees with lakes & forts all around that make for first-rate perspectives.

How a ways is Kamshet from Mumbai and Pune?

Distance among Pune to Mumbai via street is 146 Kms.
Distance between Pune to Mumbai by means of Flight is one hundred twenty Kms.
Tour Time from Pune to Mumbai with the aid of avenue is 1:forty five hrs.

Do I need insurance for doing a course?

Yes, you may want non-public coverage that especially covers Paragliding. These days, the authorities of Maharashtra, Ministry of Tourism have made this a mandatory requirement for all contributors in Paragliding & all different adventure sports.

I’ve a fear of heights. Can I fly?

It’s far quite commonplace to have a worry of heights. There are always one or two college students in each batch who carry the sort of fear and desire to overcome it. We give unique recommendations to such college students and the direction is designed in a step-by-step modern manner. Special attention is given to the psychological component of worry and strain management.

Is a paraglider the same thing as a parachute?

There is a big difference between a Paraglider & a Parachute. The Paraglider is designed to fly, climb higher and cover hundreds of kilometers while flying whereas a Parachute is only designed to descend. It only brings you down. A Paraglider pilot carries a parachute in his or her harness (seat) as an emergency reserve parachute.