Paragliding In Kamshet near Lonavala Mumbai and Pune

paragliding in kamshet

India is a land of bottomless possibilities. And by
bottomless I literally mean bottomless! There are some ways in which you can be
flying like a jeer like soaring down in a hot air balloon or parasailing, in
which you ’re tied at the hamper end of a boat using a rope or commodity, and
also there’s the ultimate feeling- suchlike-a-bird sport which is paragliding.
Paragliding may well be appertained to as the ultimate jeer- suchlike feeling.
As a introductory overview, the birdman is supposed to sit in a harness which
is suspended from a side- suchlike structure and also you have just got to run
off a cliff and viola! You ’re up in the air like an factual jeer. interesting
important?! Or allowing that it’s for the wild adrenaline junkies or the
suicidal maniacs. To tell the verity, it’s none of those goods. People now are
getting alive of the fact that the lifts are enough safe and that there are
other fail-safe options. However, also there are absolutely no chances of
failing, If you manage to follow the rules and regulations of paragliding. So
take a bite capsule and understand the fact that you can manage to take care of
the pleasurable factor and the adventure band of yours while being safe.


Located at a distance of about 45 km from the vibrant
municipality of Pune in the state of Maharashtra, this beautiful retreat is a
haul into the history, the place reminds of a rustic setting, the real India,
lost in the noise of municipality life. The place is well suited for
paragliding again due to the favourable downfall conditions, amazing view and
perfect wind conditions. It’s well suited for beginners, in addition to being
connected to the Pune- Mumbai expressway; this place is great for a weekend

How to Reach

By air, rail or road. Being near to both Pune and Mumbai,
there’s absolutely no problem at each in terms of connectivity.

Stylish Time to Visit

From October to June

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