Paragliding In Kamshet near Lonavala Mumbai and Pune

Paragliding Package & Services

“Life is either daring adventure or nothing”
“Paragliding and then there is the whole world at your feet”

     Look!… Up in the sky!… It’s a bird!… It’s a plane!…It’s a man with paragliding! That is the new age of superman. Where one can fly without the cape and superpower. One only needs to paraglide, gear and safety harness,and strong will to fly. The adrenaline rush makes this ride joyful & addictive.  Paragliding is for all who have the spark of adventure and seek to live on the edge in life.


       Paragliding is gliding through the air by using a parachute thus the name paragliding. There is a basic difference between parachute and paragliding. Which is parachute is used to sky jump where parachutes’ job is to escort a person safe from air to the ground. and in the case of paragliding one can attain lift from the ground itself and move a distance from a few meters to a few KM as per the will of the driver. 

       Paragliding is an adventure sport where we harness 3 natural factors to paraglide which are 1. gravity, 2. wind, 3. column of hot air from earth. All these factors combine not only to help the person to attain lift but also help to travel for a distance. Paragliding can be enjoyed by any age person from 18-80 years. Except for the person with co-morbidity such as cardiovascular illness,
high BP, & vertigo.
      In India paragliding is facilitated by para-schooling only in 2 places one is paragliding at Bir Biling Himachal and, paragliding at Kamseth in Pune Maharashtra. At kamseth one can learn paragliding to go solo or he can directly enjoy paragliding with the pilot who takes you in the air and bring you back safely. Where you can have a great experience of your life, enjoy the airtime without need to learn paragliding. Where you can click a selfie, videotape your experience by your POV.

      We are the pioneering institution of paragliding at kamseth. We facilitate the great experience of paragliding for you. Where we schedule your flight, at a discounted price, with all the safety precautions for more information contact us now.