Paragliding In Kamshet near Lonavala Mumbai and Pune

Kamshet Paragliding Highlights near Lonavala Mumbai and Pune

 Kamshet Paragliding Highlights

Leave on this outright exhilarating paragliding activity amidst the comprehensive Sahyadri ranges

Participate in the higher point of view of the awesome district of Kamshet got comfortable the Western Ghats

You will be helped through pre-arranged pilots and flying enthusiasts who will ensure a safeguarded experience

Regard the momentous minutes with your flight recording and confirmation

Kamshet Paragliding Diagram

Meeting Point:

In Winters: Rangoli Hotel, Kamshet

In summers: Pavna Lake, Kamshet

Development Region:

Tower Slant (In Winters)

Pavna Lake (In Summer)

Development Timings:

In Winters: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM (October to February)

In Summer: 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Stroll to May)

Flight Range: 10-15 minutes (Dependent upon the breeze current and environment)

About Kamshet Paragliding:

Essentially a 2.5-hour drive from Mumbai, Kamshet is a brilliant slant station perched amidst the ordinarily pompous inclines of the Western Ghats. The spot is famous for a lot of involvement practices and is generally called the paragliding paradise of Maharashtra. Book this paragliding development in Kamshet and seek after the skies sitting over the mountains and levels with a lot of guaranteed pilots and flying fans. Witness the flying viewpoints on the Sahyadri Ranges and feel the ordinary breeze with this adrenaline-affecting experience.

The utilitarian timings of the development are from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM in winters and 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM in summers.

There are three kinds of paragliding thrills that one can benefit, to be explicit:

Excellent couple paragliding

Useful pair paragliding

Acro couple paragliding

The flight length will be variable, dependent upon environmental circumstances and the development variety you investigate.

Your activity time will be confirmed by the spaces open with the manager. Appear at the activity region as indicated by the time distributed to you.

The take-off point for this paragliding is at Kamshet, which is a notable odd paragliding site.

Before the activity, a rapid planning meeting will be driven by means of arranged trained professionals.

Take off and participate in the comprehensive points of view on the colossal spread of Sahyadri slants close by the birdseye viewpoint on the Kamshet town.

In summers, the take-off is from the Pavna lake site which is at 350 feet and you will go higher after take-off. During winters, you will take off from tower Hill(800-900 feet) (works from October till February) and is also maybe of the most notable flying site in India

How to reach?

The development region is at an eccentric spot and can be arrived at through private transportation so to speak. One can book a vehicle for 4-5 people at an insignificant cost of INR 1200 that will get you and make a you clearly to the move region. The get region is Housing Rangoli for winters, i.e from October to February, and Pavna lake for summers, for instance from Spring to May.

Nearest Railroad station: The Pune rail course station is the nearest rail line station that is arranged a distance away of 46 km from Motel Rangoli and 55 KM from Pavna Lake.

Nearest Air terminal: The Pune worldwide air terminal is the nearest air terminal that is arranged far off of 60 km from Pavna lake and 50 Km from Housing Rangoli.


The development can’t be benefitted by anyone of weight north of 95 Kg and anyone under the age of 6 years.

Photo and videography are open at an additional cost of INR 500. (Make sure to convey a scaled down SD card with you.)

Kamshet Paragliding Approaches

Confirmation Procedure

The client gets an attestation voucher through email in something like 15 minutes of productive booking.

Dropping Methodology

Expecting dropping is made 3 days or more before the date of development, no scratch-off costs will be charged.

If dropping is made between 1 days to 3 days before the date of development, 40.0% of complete booking cost will be charged as scratch-off costs.

If fixing is made in somewhere near 1 days before the date of development, outright holding cost will be charged as scratch-off costs.

Kamshet Paragliding FAQs

What are the things that I should bear in mind before I do Kamshet Paragliding?

You should secure agreeable data about the game before endeavoring your hands in it.

You should overwhelm the capacities expected for the development

Paragliding should be delighted in ideal conditions when the breeze condition is average.

You should be inside the allowed age limit for paragliding as well as should not be overweight as per the referred to measures.

Focus on all of the headings warily and be prepared.

Which is the most obvious opportunity to do Kamshet Paragliding?

October to May is an ideal chance to make a pass at parasailing sport in Kamshet. During this time the ordinary breeze speed is around 20 km every hour which works with smooth flying. October is the start of the colder season here which happen till February.

The months among Spring and May are mid year months in Kamshet when the temperature is on the higher side. Storm season is the most unfavorable time for Kamshet paragliding as the unpleasant weather patterns would go probably as a hindrance as far as you can tell ride.

What pieces of clothing could it be prudent for me to wear while Kamshet Paragliding?

You should reliably get into recognizable clothing for the paragliding activity in Kamshet to guarantee that you don’t feel awkward during the development.

You should do whatever it takes not to wear profound articles of clothing as it would address an interference during the activity.

You can continue wearing long pants and various layers of feeble articles of clothing.

You should convey a pleasant arrangements of shoes.

What are other experience practices that I can do in Kamshet?

Tikona Fortress Venturing: Tikona Post Voyaging is one of the most sought after venture in Kamshet as it is enclosed by the serene ordinary scene. During your visit, you will go over a well established Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Safe-haven as well as Satvahan Caves where you will get to notice the heavenly arrangement and works of art of the past times depicting the regular history.

Pawna Lake Camping out: Camping out nearby the Pawna Lake is actually a gift from paradise place for nature darlings in the midst of beguiling ecological variables. You will get to disregard the wonderful mountain ranges as well as ingest the sorts of the illusory lagoon.

Clasping visits at Bhairi Caves: Clasping visits can be seen as potentially of the most dazzling development that you can do in Kamshet. You will go out to examine different concealed and bewildering caves and follow out secret ways between them.

What is the specifying time for Kamshet Paragliding?

As the development is being done in 2 gatherings one is in Morning 8:00 AM and the resulting meeting is being done at 2:00 PM in night so you truly need to pick in which meeting you will do the activity.

Regardless of the way that you truly need to pursue the activity region half and hour before to avoid any sort of concede in the activity.

How to show up at Kamshet from Mumbai?

You can without a doubt help to experience the Kamshet paragliding development through Mumbai as Mumbai is related with Kamshet through roads and rail lines.

Rail courses – You can get on the train from Mumbai for Kamshet which will just cost you around Rs-90 just per head. This trip will cause you to show up at Kamshet in just 2 hours really and effectively as well.

Roads – You can get on the vehicle from Pune which will acknowledge you to Kamshet as it is just 110 kilometers from Mumbai and hardly it will require 2 hours 10 minutes to show up at there.

What is Acro Couple Paragliding in Kamshet?

Acro Couple Paragliding in Kamshet is an unconventional way to deal with paragliding as it permits you a potential chance to taste the adrenaline rush with G-Powers at high speeds. The development happens for around 15 – 20 minutes of time and you will be helped by means of arranged pilots who will help you with the totally invigorating moves.

What is commendable Pair Paragliding in Kamshet?

Model couple paragliding is an ideal two-seater ride for the novices who would prefer not to confront any difficulties. In this sort of paragliding, you ought to just respite briefly and cheer the excursion with a capable and experienced pilot. The ride will continue onward for 8-10 minutes.

Praiseworthy couple paragliding is least difficult of all and serves you with the most exciting experience. Assuming you want to assess this cruise all over, head towards Kamshet town and step into the universe of encounters.

Is there any weight and age limit for Kamshet Paragliding?

Without a doubt, there are certain weight and age limits for paragliding in Kamshet to make the activity absolutely acceptable for wayfarers. Quite far for paragliding development is between 6 – 60 years yet before the activity, genuine check is to be done. Moreover, Young people from 6-18 years are supposed to be joined by adults.

The substantialness of the individuals should not be more than 95 kg and in case you are overweight, you will not be allowed to be a piece of this experience.

Is Kamshet paragliding Safe?

To be sure, Kamshet paragliding is absolutely a safeguarded development to experience. All the safety efforts are being managed by our lord nearby escort and development overseers who try to include the best stuff for coordinating activities.