Paragliding In Kamshet near Lonavala Mumbai and Pune

Discover the fun of paragliding with kamshet paragliding adventure

 Kamshet paragliding journey

Discover the fun of paragliding with kamshet paragliding adventure, priced at three,000 rupees. Our alternatively expert organization of paragliding instructors in kamshet, efficiently located close to lonavala, mumbai and pune, will ensure your protection in the direction of this exhilarating enjoy. Kamshet, nestled within the western ghats, is home to lovely steep slopes and is known as maharashtra’s paragliding paradise. Our professional pilots and flying fanatics will take you on a soaring adventure via the charming mountains and plateaus, imparting awe-inspiring views of the sahyadri stages from above. Take a deep breath of sparkling air and revel in your adrenaline rush with this unforgettable journey. Reserve your spot with us nowadays.

We’re a hard and speedy of dedicated paraglider pilots who have earned our certification from the outstanding royal society of paragliding united kingdom. The device we provide complies with the rigorous first-rate and safety necessities set up through manner of the indian authorities. Our number one cognizance is at the safety and nicely-being of our clients, this is why we strictly adhere to all organization organization agency-maximum vital protocols. For dad and mom which is probably worried, we moreover offer the selection to report their revel in via selfies and movies. Kamshet, a picturesque mountain metropolis, offers breathtaking views of the lovable sahyadri mountains. Kamshet is known as one of the splendid paragliding places in india due to its accessible take-off and touchdown areas. For humans searching out a thrilling, chook-like experience, kamshet paragliding in mumbai is a first rate opportunity. We’re committed to presenting the maximum amusing and comfortable revel in feasible for our customers, and our services are to be had at an low rate fee of only rs. 3000.

Kamshet paragliding adventures study

Kamshet paragliding journey, placed in the sahyadri mountains, necessitates a excessive first-rate diploma of trekking to gain most of the people of take-off locations. The region’s natural topography is recognized for its lofty hills and  expansive mountain levels, in particular the western ghats and himalayas, rendering it a extraordinary paragliding excursion spot for fanatics. Kamshet and its neighboring regions are specially properly-applicable for this interest, making it a compelling choice for each citizens and vacationers who are exploring western bharat. Our set up order is placed 102 kilometers an extended way from the city middle, 48 kilometers a long way from pune, and 18 kilometers an extended way from lonavala.

Kamshet paragliding adventure is that the brilliant region for paragliding close to lonavala mumbai pune

India gives fantastic possibilities for paragliding interest, way to its lovable mountain landscapes that encompass the himalayas and the western ghats. Some of the maximum sought-after places for tandem paragliding is kamshet, that is strategically placed interior proximity to mumbai and pune. The space amongst kamshet and key places, which encompass mumbai, pune, and lonavala, is a hundred and 5 km, forty five km, and 18 km, respectively. Humans need to be prepared to walk a quick distance to attain their take-off locations because of the terrain and the mountainous regions round kamshet. The region enjoys a warm temperature and semi-arid weather, with commonplace temperatures beginning from 20 to 26 tiers celsius.

Kamshet paragliding adventure heights

Kamshet paragliding journey is pleased to provide four exciting locations for paragliding fans. Our  maximum famous takeoff factors, “tower hill” and “shelar hill,” provide adorable vistas from 900 meters and 720 meters above sea degree, respectively. But, altitude isn’t the remarkable hassle that devices kamshet aside due to the truth the most reliable excursion spot for paragliding near mumbai and pune.

Our area offers exquisite wind conditions, deliberating longer, greater exciting flights. Paragliding in kamshet affords a completely specific thoughts-set of the region’s herbal splendor, which consist of the cute mountains, valleys, rivers, forts, dams, and forests. The feeling of soaring via the sky at the same time as taking in the ones breathtaking perspectives is truely a thrilling revel in.

With out problems placed close to mumbai and pune, kamshet is the proper tour spot for every first-time and professional paragliders. Allow us that will help you create unforgettable memories with our expertly guided paragliding adventures.

Tremendous time for kamshet paraglidings adventures

Our ordinary paragliding season in pune spans from mid-october to the very last week of may additionally moreover moreover moreover. The monsoon season is gift from june to october, causing paragliding to halt. In a few unspecified time in the destiny of the months of november and december, a “red-bloodless” weather is present, with an east to west motion of the air from october through january. Morning hours are the superb viable time for paragliding. Flyable wind situations are present from approximately 7 am to at the least one:30 pm at some stage within the wintry climate season. Sturdy thermodynamic situations in the air among december and january facilitate flying, with some times of everyday flights in the path of those months. Wind path changes to west to east from february to can also moreover additionally, bringing in bloodless sea air and now and again robust winds. Subsequently of the summer season, the flyable wind situations achieve success pleasant after 3 pm and paragliding takes region from spherical 4 pm till sundown. Paragliding is an exciting revel in in a few unspecified time in the future of this time.

How lots does kamshet paragliding adventures fee?

Kamshet, positioned in pune, offers the thrilling enjoy of paragliding at in truth rs. 3000 ordinary with person, with three excellent options to select out from – bliss joyride, educational joyride and acro tandem, every with specific specs and rate. Tandem paragliding in kamshet guarantees to be the spotlight of your adventure and leave you with an unforgettable memory. We invite you to partake in this exhilarating revel in and witness the breathtaking beauty of the environment. We guarantee you of our strength of thoughts to safety and adhering to all tips relating to paragliding. Don’t skip over out on this possibility to try a few hassle new and thrilling in the course of a while in kamshet.