Paragliding In Kamshet near Lonavala Mumbai and Pune

Best Time Kamshet Paragliding’s Attempts


Best Time Kamshet Paragliding's Attempts

Kamshet Paragliding Experience charges Rs 3000  and shares the best paragliding instructors in Kamshet near Lonavala, Mumbai and Pune. Paragliding is a most confusing experience. 

 The usual steep slopes of the Western Ghats are home to the wonderful hillside town of Kamshet. The area is notable for its huge number of fixed areas  and is not considered the paragliding heaven of Maharashtra. With skilled pilots and flying enthusiasts, you can go paragliding  in Kamshet and take off  while looking at the mountains and plains. With this heart-pounding experience, you will see the Sahyadri ranges from above and experience the ordinary air. 

  We are a master pilot party certified by the  Popular  Paragliding Society. 

 We generally use basic paragliding equipment that meets Indian quality and safety regulations for individuals. 

 We follow best practices to ensure our customers are welcome. moreover deny their best air departure. We also offer the option to make selfies and video accounts so you can get the best information without hesitation. 

 Paragliding is a remarkable development in the stunning mountain town of Kamshet. Arguably the most spectacular scenery can be found in the exceptional Sahyadri mountains in the Kamshet ring. It is widely called as one of the most shocking hang gliding spots in India due to its central take off and landing. 

 However, the need to soar in the air like a bird  consumes us from within. Kamshet paragliding in Mumbai is a rare opportunity to get the fantasy of  flying for people who value exercise and  feel the adrenaline rush. 

 Obviously, we provide the best information to the customer and at the same time ensure their safety. The best treatment is provided quickly and costs only Rs. 3000. 

 As the Kamshet Paragliding Experience takes place in the Sahyadri Mountains, most launch areas require movement. The land is unmistakably suitable for paragliding as Bharat is mostly a land of high grades and two enormous mountain ranges, the Western Ghats and the Himalayas. Kamshet and nearby areas are ideal paragliding locations for people living in or  going to Western Bharat.  Kamshet Paragliding Experience is 102 km from city center, 48 km from Pune and 18 km from Lonavala.  

 Kamshet Paragliding Experience is  the best place for paragliding 


 India is known for its high terrains, mountains, valleys, Himalayas and  Western Ghats that are suitable for paragliding. That’s why Kamshet,  near Mumbai and Pune, is perhaps  the best place in India for two-person paragliding. The distances between Kamshet and Bombay, Pune and Lonavla are only 105 km, 45 km and 18 km respectively. Considering the  high mountain area and how paragliding in Kamshet is close to Mumbai and Pune, you will have to walk quite a lot of ground to perform at many of the  take-off locations. The region has a permeable semi-arid climate with a standard temperature of 20-26 degrees Celsius. 

  Kamshet paragliding experience levels 


 There are four areas open for  Kamshet Paragliding Experience. The Tower Grade launch point is 900 meters above sea level or 230 meters above the ground. In addition, the flight of Shelar Grade is about 720 meters above sea level. Is this really the  factor that makes Kamshet a good place for paragliding? “Best paragliding place in Kamshet near Mumbai and Pune, India” Kamshet not long ago. 

 Anyway, you want to go paragliding nearby, we can go higher  from Kamshet which is near Mumbai and Pune. In any case, when we take off from somewhere else, we  return firmly to the ground  to practice flying in the air as expected, and this is a fraction of the time that is imaginable given the wind conditions here. 

  We decided to go paragliding in Kamshet near Mumbai and Pune to encounter  mountains, valleys, streams, streams, forts, huge oak trees, vegetation and dense vegetation. Moreover, paragliding in Kamshet near Mumbai and Pune will surely give you a dizzying experience as you watch the sunset while flying through the air. 

  Best Time Kamshet Paragliding’s Attempts 


 The Pune paragliding season starts from the accession of October to the last several days of May, taking into account the continuation of the tropical storm season  from June to October. The gigantic length of November and December is “pink-cold”. From October to January, the weather improves from east to west. Flying is quickly imaginable in a very basic daytime secret, as expected flying winds for paragliding are available during the colder season from around 7am to 1:30pm. Due to stable thermodynamic conditions in December-January, flying is possible. There are minutes during these months when the flights are equal. From February to May, the wind blows from west to east, bringing cold sea air and frighteningly strong winds. 

 Since the flying wind basically blows after 03:03, summer flying occurs from about 04:04 until the evening. The experience of flying is a piece of that time. 

  What is the total cost of Kamshet paragliding experience? Paragliding in Kamshet costs only Rs. 3000 per person. There are three types of extraordinary extraordinary developments: 


 Elation Journey is out of control 


 Illuminated Journey out of control 


 Acro tendon 


 Every ride has a very wonderful nuance and value. 

 Paragliding kamshet Pune strongly expects you  to be guided in this paragliding experience. paragliding in Kamshet for two is the clearest excursion of your life. When you return from your partner’s paragliding in Kamshet, you can take a key second with you that will stay with you for the rest of your life.