Paragliding In Kamshet near Lonavala Mumbai and Pune

Begin your thrilling paragliding experience in the panoramic fields of the Sahyadri

 Highlights of the Kamshet Parachute Association 

 Begin your thrilling paragliding experience in the panoramic fields of the Sahyadri 


 Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful village of Kamshet, located in the Western Ghats 


 You will be assisted by trained pilots and aviation enthusiasts to ensure a safe experience 


 Pamper unforgettable moments with  check-in and certificate. 

 About Kamshet Paragliding: 


 Just a 2.5-hour drive from Mumbai, Kamshet is a beautiful hill station nestled among the naturally high hills of the Western Ghats. The place is famous for many adventure activities and is also known as paragliding paradise of Maharashtra. Book this paragliding flight from Kamshet and chase the skies to mountains and plains with certified pilots and aviation enthusiasts. See  aerial views of the Sahyadri Mountains and feel the natural wind on this adrenaline-pumping adventure. Working hours are 8:00-14:00 in winter and 15:00-19:00 in summer. There are three types of paragliding experience available: 

 Classic paragliding tandem  

 Tandem paragliding lessons 

 Aero tandem and paragliding  

 Flight duration varies depending on weather conditions and the activity you choose. 

 Your working hours will be confirmed according to operator positions. Arrive at the venue on time. The starting point of this paragliding is Kamsheti which is a popular paragliding point. Before the activity, trained experts give a quick overview. Take off and enjoy panoramic views of the vastness of the Sahyadri mountains and a bird’s eye view of Kamshet village. In summer, the take-off takes place from the place of Lake Pavna, which is located at an altitude of 350 meters, and after the departure you go higher. Rises from Tower Hill (800-900 feet) in winter (October to February) and is also one of the most popular flight destinations in India. 

 How to reach? The location is  exceptional  and  accessible only by private vehicle. You can book a car for 4-5 people at a minimum price of INR 1200 to pick you up and take you directly to the venue. The reception is in winter, ie. from October to February at Hotel Rangoli, and in summer, ie. from March to May, at Lake Pavna.  Nearest Railway Station: Pune Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is 46 km from Hotel Rangoli and 55 km from Pavna Lake. Nearest Airport: Pune International Airport is the nearest airport which is 60 km from Pavna Lake and 50 km from Hotel Rangoli. Note: 


 People who weigh more than 95 kg and are under 6 years old are not allowed to use this activity. Photos and videos are available at an additional cost of INR 500. (Don’t forget to bring your microSD card.) 


 Learn more about Kamshet Paragliding 

 Do your research before paragliding in Kamshet 

 Children aged 6-18 are permitted and children in this age group must be accompanied by a parent/guardian). Times are  wind dependent and changes to the aforementioned schedule will be announced at the construction site. A sick pensioner must also inform the duty nurse. The teacher reserves the right to refuse participation in the activity if the participant is considered unsuitable. Participants are not allowed to carry sharp objects, lighters, suitcases, alcohol, knives, etc. Before and after the exercise, the participants must follow the instructions given by the teacher. Broken or damaged products will be charged at the actual price. The package does not include personal expenses or personal items. All meals or transportation not mentioned in the itinerary are considered excluded from the contract. Bring water bottles. Your appointment will be booked depending on weather conditions 

 You should report at Hotel Rangoli, Kamshet, Old Pune-Mumbai Highway (NH4). For safety reasons, Kamshet paragliding is not recommended for women who are more than 3 months pregnant, have had major surgery, or have a broken leg/arm, chronic back or neck pain, etc. Physical fitness and athletic inclination are important prerequisites for learning this sport. You should wear a T-shirt, full trousers (no saree/skirt), shoes (no trousers) and a hat. You can also bring sunscreen, glitter, snacks and water bottles and a camera to take pictures! 

 Capture your experience with an HD camera for just INR 500. Don’t forget to bring a microSD card. If you have motion sickness, we recommend avoiding flying immediately after eating. After eating, we recommend taking a break of at least 1-2 hours. The maximum weight of Kamshet Paragliding is 95 kg. Kamshet paragliding has no age limit for adults. 

 Kamshet Paragliding FAQs 

 What should I remember before paragliding in Kamshet? Before trying a sport, you should get enough information. 

 You must master the skills necessary for the activity 

 Paragliding should be practiced in favorable weather conditions when the wind is normal. You must be within the age limit for paragliding and you must not be overweight according to the criteria mentioned. Listen carefully to all instructions and be alert. 

 What is the best time to go paragliding in Kamshet? October to May is the perfect time to try windsurfing in Kamshet. The average wind speed  is currently around 20 km/h, which makes flying easy. The winter season starts in October and lasts until February. The months between March and May are the summer months of Kamshet, when the temperature is higher. Monsoon season is the worst time to go ice skating in Kamshet as bad weather can hamper the adventurous trip.  What clothes should I wear for paragliding in Kamshet? For your safety, you should always wear comfortable clothes while paragliding in Kamshet