Learn to Fly Package


    learn to Fly

    Learn to Fly Package

    This package is suitable for those who know the basics of paragliding and would like to learn a few more techniques. Those who wish to book this package have to enquire about the availability of instructors in advance. We educate you in a completely controlled and supervised environment with the guidance of a group of professionally skilled and certified teachers.

    We choose calm and easy situations of the mornings and evenings which can be perfect and most proper for secure and easy education. All the equipment furnished using us is internationally certified and often inspected by using our group.

    • We verbally explain a specific talent.
    • We practically demonstrate that skill.
    • You then exercise that ability.
    • Instructors verbally replay it for you and give you important feedback.
    • 10-20 minutes of paragliding ride accompanied by an experienced instructor.
    • Complete safety gear including a helmet.
    • Basic lesson during which a few paragliding maneuvers will be taught.
    1. Normal principle training is conducted at every degree of training to apprehend truly what we nearly try and gain.
    2. The training program making learning to fly a complete experience.
    3. Students are advocated to learn at their pace relying on their fitness and flair tiers
    4. From day one, you could examine and perfect now not simply your release and landing, but your floor managing, your thermal ling, the usage of your paraglider, and your expertise in micro-meteorology.
    5. Pilots is a global flight schooling faculty, one a few of the very first-rate in the international. We conduct amazing education that includes simple and advanced strategies, flight concepts, expert abilities, and heritage studies that a pilot would require for a whole flight schooling.

    NOTE: Transportation to the site of paragliding, photographs, and videos taken during paragliding are offered at an additional cost.