Paragliding In Kamshet

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Kamshet Paragliding Adventure

Paragliding kamshet adventure

paragliding in kamshet
paragliding in kamshet

What’s the Stylish time for paragliding at kamseth?
Paragliding can be done all time round except in thunderstorm season and during stormy season, because of turbulence in the wind is at peak during these days. Stylish time for paragliding is summer and downtime that’s month from November to May in India at kamseth.
II. What’s General flying height of paragliding?
It depends upon the airman who’s flying but paragliding can be done as low as many measures from ground or as high as 1700 measures but standard flight is in the range of 1200 cadence or lower.
III. Can I’ve Solo flight or piloted flight by airman?
Generally standard paragliding is piloted by trained and licensed airman. If one wants to go hand in glove she he need to complete paraglide airman training which has multiple situations from P1 to P3 after completion of these situations one is allowed to fly solo.
IV. What are the Safety measures taken for paragliding?
Paragliding is safe sport, in which safety of human is assured by trained airman, standard outfit which is approved by Indian safety norms. Along with this safety harness and reserve paraglide is packed with main one therefore assured full safety of person involved.
Do I need my own outfit for paragliding?
No, in standard case we give outfit for paragliding. Which is in house and well maintained and carry no redundant freights.
VI. What Age group is allowed for paragliding?
Paragliding can be done by any person from age group of 18- 70. handed he she is physically fit and mentally sound.
there is no bar on age for paragliding.
VII. What position of Physical fitness is needed for
Physical fitness is essential for paragliding. Because it’s adventure sport and requires moderate physical fitness. Having fit BMI is preferred.
VIII. What are the freights of paragliding at kamseth?
We give stylish value for plutocrat. Our paragliding charges are affordable starting from just Rs. 999/-
IX. How long the paragliding flight last?
it is again depends upon the aviators will but standard flight last generally between 15- 20 nanosecond to1/2 hours.
X What’s the Difference between sky diving and paragliding?
introductory difference is in case of sky diving person jumps from flight and reach ground using parachute. And in paragliding
person gains lift right from ground glide through sky and again touch ground using paraglide and harness.
XI. What are the threat involved in paragliding?
Well there paraglide is safe gentle sport but involves threat of catching in wind turbulence or stalling of paraglide but these are the standard threat for which our aviators are trained to deal with. We also carries reserve shoot for safety.
XII. Who can not do paragliding?
Paragliding is universal sport for everyone but person with co morbidity similar as cardiovascular illness and high blood pressure and problem of vertigo are advice not to take flight.
XIII. Do I need license to paraglide?
No generally paragliding need no license to fly under the safe altitude which is allowed at ATC to fly.
XIV. What’s the Difference between parasailing and paragliding?
Parasailing is sport played on the ocean and inwater.and paragliding is sport on the land using the paraglide and high
original haste.
XV. What are the place of paragliding in india?
Paragliding training institute in india is simply located at two place one at bir billings in himachal and other at kamseth in Pune Maharastra. Also there are the new paragliding institute sprung up at lonavla and malavli for further details communicate us now


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